Grab my Write & Release Journal here.  My 16 year old daughter did the cover art!  Go check it out #proudmom 


I am overjoyed that you have found your way here, dear soul! It is with a heart full of purpose that I extend my hand to guide you on your sacred path of personal growth and well-being, embracing the divine intention of creating a safe and nurturing space just for you. Take a moment to explore the depths of my essence on the "About Me" page, where you can discover more about my spiritual journey. Delve into the wisdom I share within the sacred pages of my blog, and when you are ready, allow the energy of transformation to flow through you as you scroll down to immerse yourself in the enlightening experience of my transformative classes.

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RECORDING: Lunar Phase Workshop

A 4 week workshop where you will learn about the phases of the moon, your energetic flow, and how to track your energetic patterns. Here is a video to learn more.

Write and Release Self Guided Course

My signature 4-week program to help you move through the stories holding you back.

How to Create a Mala

I create custom malas and created this course to teach you how to create a mala in 7 video lessons. 

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