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Write and Release Self Guided Course

Do you relate to feeling like this?

  • You work towards a goal and start to hear the voice in your head “This is scary.  You won’t be successful. Remember that time when you tried this before and failed?”
  • You are parenting your family and feel overwhelmed and begin to hear “You really aren’t that good at this parenting thing.
  • You are in a relationship and begin to predict what will happen next based on past experiences?
  • You feel like you re-live stories from your past over and over and over in your head.
  • You remember the time you were bullied in high school like it was yesterday and you think about it every time you are about to make new friends.
  • You get ready for bed and begin to race through all the things you are worrying about.
  • You wonder if you really are doing a good job / being a good parent / will I be hurt again?
  • You can sometimes feel like everything is somehow your fault. ( You must have done something wrong?)

If you can relate to any of the above, you are not alone. 

Would you like to learn a tool that will help you shift those stories?  

Introducing…….Write & Release 101.

What can this program do to help you with your stories?

Write & Release 101 LIVE is a program that can help you shift and release all those stories.  We write, map, align and release. What does that do for you? It doesn’t make the past disappear.  But, you can learn and grow from our stories.  

Let me first explain why we hold on to our stories.  You aren’t alone. We all do it. I happen to be one of those highly sensitive people who just let my stories play on repeat in my head.  Or, at least I used to. The effect was I didn’t truly step into my gifts until I released those stories.

Here is what your brain is doing. 

Your brain is doing its job. It is built to protect us from harm.  I can bet you any money that the story you are holding on to is not a happy, fuzzy, rainbows and glitter feeling story.  I will go out on a limb and guess your story is one where there was some type of harm. Our brains like to protect us from harm by holding on to those stories.  Let me give you a couple of examples.

Example 1: Touching a hot stove is a story/experience.  Your brain remembers the harm/pain of touching the hot stove.  The next time you go near a stove your brain reminds you “Don’t touch the stove.  You will get burned.”  

Example 2: Being bullied in high school.  Your brain remembers the year that the girl made fun of you in the cafeteria every day.  Your brain learned to make friends will result in being bullied/harmed. Your brain will protect you by reminding you “Remember, girls can be bullies.  Remember when….”  

Our stories are our experiences.  All of them. They weave together and form the fabric of our life experience.  However, we have all kinds of stories. Example 1 is an example of our brain protecting us.  So is example 2. But there is a difference. In example 1, our brain protects us from the physical harm of getting burned from the stove.  In example 2, when the brain protects us by holding on to the story it can prevent us from making friends or trusting people.   

All of our stories teach us something.  Maybe it’s to not touch a hot stove. Maybe it’s to avoid making friends.  Which story are you carrying that is holding you back from doing that thing you have always wanted to do? We can work on it.  We can Write & Release it.  

If you are called to work on your story, it would be an honor to have you in class.

What can this course do for you?

Some students have said this course was life-changing for them.  Here is some feedback I have received from students

  • This course changed my life
  • This course really opened my eyes to the stories I hold on to
  • This course made me feel a release
  • This course allowed me to see the other side of things
  • This course opened my eyes

This course empowers you with information.  Information that can help you understand how your brain works.  Information that super-charges your self awareness. This course will help you understand and learn from your stories.  When we learn and accept, it shifts.

What do I see in students when they take my course?

  • Relief
  • Pride
  • Empowerment
  • More self-aware
  • Being more articulate with feelings
  • Educated on why they think the way they do
  • Embracing the personality they have and grateful for the lessons learned
  • Ready to take on new challenges
  • Happiness
  • Smiles
  • Tears
  • Wonderful AH-HA moments

What is W&R 101?

Write and Release 101 is a 4-week journey to help you energetically align the stories that are holding you back.  Lori guides you through a 4-week process of write, map, align, & release. Together you will move and shift the energy of your stories.

What is the end result of this process?

The end result for this process is 2 fold.  

  • Help you simply get your story out.  You’ve probably been holding on to it for a long time. Putting the words on paper signals your brain we are doing the work.  You get to hear your own words. It’s powerful just to write it all down.  
  • Help you see your story from a different perspective.  We take the story and not only look at your side of the story but we look at the perspective of others.  It is like taking a bird’s eye view of the story and discovering the information we couldn’t see before.

We will write, map, align and release to allow the doors of possibility to open.

What is included in the Class?

  • 4 weeks of lessons on a private membership site
  • Weekly audio meditations and mantra/affirmation printables and worksheets
  • Access to a private Facebook Group
  • Week 1 - Write
    • You will focus on writing out the story holding you back.
  • Week 2 - Map
    • You will learn the process of mapping out your story.
  • Week 3 - Align
    • You will learn the proper energetic alignment of your story.
  • Week 4 - Release
    • You will honor and release your story just as it is.

Who is this course for?

  • Highly sensitive people who have a hard time letting go of old stories
  • People who feel stuck (like you just can put yourself out there)
  • People who may have trouble reaching goals
  • Moms who feel a bit lost (like you just can’t keep all these plates spinning any longer)
  • People who feel like they don’t know who they are anymore

Who is this course NOT for?

  • People who can reach their goals easily
  • People who don’t get wrapped up in repeated stories in their heads
  • Someone who doesn’t want to look at the stories holding them back

Here are what people are saying.

Lori is one of the most honest people I have ever "met." She is sincere in every aspect she shares/teaches. Her heart is in every word she speaks. Truly, a wonderful person. ~ Deb

As I reflect on my life, I have observed changes in this world due to technology advancements. I am in awe. I cannot fathom how my parents’ and their parents’ generations saw the world reveal itself at exponential rates.  My generation is gifted with technology, which assists our life. Yet, in my opinion, we become busier and busier and lose our connection to the community and ourselves. While pondering this sense of loss, the internet, social media introduced me to Lori’s purpose work. I was able to “meet” Lori virtually and become exposed to her class offerings. In addition to her beautiful malas and oracle card readings, and many more gifts.  I believe Lori’s gifts meld today’s world with the past. A time where people truly connected, face to face. Lori’s teachings aided and assisted my journey to slowing down and focusing on me. Lori guides her students to the realization that self-care is not selfish. As the old adage says, one cannot pour from an empty vessel.  Lori has many class offerings. Each one is unique as Lori is. Lori is able to teach and support her students in a non-judgments space. If you are willing to do the work. Lori’s classes will give you the tools to help you navigate life. ~ Ellen

Lori's Write and Release course was life changing for me. I have been "working on myself" for many years (decades shhhhh) and reached a point where I was feeling stuck. The Write and Release Course gave me the tools I needed to peel back layers that I did not even know where there. Lori's guidance through the process gave me a safe place where I felt supported. She is authentic. She pours her heart and soul into all her offerings. Lori is a beautiful soul and I am honored to know her and learn from her.

~Jo Ann S.


Where can I find the videos?

All the videos will be housed on my member site. Remember to bookmark your page.

Do I need to join the Facebook group?

Nope.  No need at all.  You can also comment on videos in the member site for more community.

When does the class start?

You get access to the first week as soon as you complete payment

How do I participate in class?

You will be giving video lessons to watch on the member site.  There are also worksheets and printables included in the lessons.  You can do the work at your own pace.

Do you offer payment plans?

I am always happy to discuss that and help where I can.  Check the payment options for the most recent information.

You mentioned bonus lessons in the Facebook group.  Do I need to be on live to watch?

Nope.  Stop in to view lessons when you have time.

Do you offer the LIVE version all year long?

No.  I haven’t decided when I will be offering the LIVE version of this course again.  I’m leaning towards twice a year.

Will I have lifetime access to the materials?

Yes and also any updates I do!

Why is this 101?

This class is the beginning of the work I want to do with stories.  I have plans to offer 102 in the future where we take story work to a whole different level.  101 with be required to take 102.

Meet your teacher:

Lori has her Doctorate in Pharmacy and has been practicing pharmacy for 19 years.  Inspired to grow into coaching, she has studied mindfulness, meditation, Reiki and other modalities.  Lori holds a certification in Life Coaching from the Transformation Academy™. She also holds Levels 1, 2, and 3 of Reiki certification and has received her Reiki Master level attunement. 

Write and Release is Lori’s signature program.  A four-week process to help you dive into the stories holding you back.  During the LIVE version, Lori is hands-on helping you through the process as you work it.  

“I love helping people see their story from a different perspective.  It’s like watching children when they learn to read. The eyes get bright and sparkly.  You can see the shift!”

 ~ Lori 

5 Modules

What is Write and Release?

Welcome to Write and Release 101!

Write and Release is a 4-week course to help you move through the stories holding you back from doing something great.

Have you always wanted to try painting, photography, running your own business, teaching, live streaming, or shining your light/sharing your gift with the world?  You aren't alone.  I would bet you have a story in your mind that keeps popping up preventing you from really taking the leap.  Here is where I can help.  

Week 1 - Write

Welcome to Week 1

This week, you will write your story.  You will learn the many forms of writing your story.  You will also learn how our brains process stories.  


  1. Download and print the mantra cards in the files section.
  2. Download the meditation to support you this week.
  3. Join the Alumni Facebook Group for support here. Lori's Awesome Alumni Group

Week 2 - Map

You did it!  You are in week 2!

Week 1 is challenging and I congratulate you for completing it.

Week 2 will teach you how to begin the story mapping process.  Story mapping involves creating a map of our story with the characters and/or events that have shaped out stories.  The map will help you see your story from different perspectives.

See you inside!


Week 3 - Align

Welcome to week 3!

In this week, you will learn how to energetically align your story.  To move forward we align.

See you inside!

~ Lori

Week 4 - Release

WEEK 4!  

You did it!  You made it!  It's time to release this story!

I am so excited to start this week.

See you inside!


Modules for this product 5
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